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Almazara Pio del Ramo

Pío del Ramo Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil brand, is a family owned company dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil since 2011. We work in an organic manner all our 100 acres of different varieties (picual, arbequina and royal) of olive plots and we are certified as organic agriculture.

In our facilities, we obtain our olive oil through mechanical processes with branch production and cold press. We are focused on quality rather than quantity. We pick the olives at their proper maturity moment and like this we obtain a lower production but we maintain the entire aroma and we avoid the oxidation process.

Given that we own our olive plots, we have complete control over the ripeness process and the milling so once the olives are harvest are directly processed, with no waiting time.

Our organic olive oils offer a 100% natural juice: our extra virgin organic olive oil.

Our Brand Value - What makes us unique


Pío del Ramo is located in Ontur (Albacete), in the South-East of Spain a transition zone between the Mediterranean east coast and the Castile la Mancha mesa.


The company owns 40 ha (98 ac) of olive trees (a mix between old and young olive trees). In the upcoming years, the company is going to expand the olive plots, as well as the production capacity.

The olive plots are a mix between:

  • Arbequina Trees

    Trees of a reduced vigor with an average density at the top.
  • Picual Trees

    Short, bushy tree with particularly gray leaves.
  • Royal

    Late ripeness, named Royal because of the color of the mature olive.


Pío del Ramo - 100% Picual Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

  • The Picual Olive Variety

    • The Picual Olives are of medium to large size.
    • It accounts for 50% of the production in Spain, and it's a variety typical for the South part of Spain (Andalucía) and surroundings.
  • The Picual Olive Oil

    • The oil is very aromatic and its taste is slightly bitter, spicy, and very round in the mouth.
    • It shows a smooth entry, moderate and balanced bitterness and pungency, with almond aftertaste, artichoke and tomato leaf.
    • This oil is best used for sauté and frying, although it is equally good for salads and vegetable and tomatoes soups.

Pío del Ramo - 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

  • The Arbequina Olive Variety

    • The Arbequina Olives are small with a surprising amount of flesh, which makes them high in productivity.
    • It is very highly regarded because the tree produces a large amount of fruit with a relatively high oil yield.
  • The Arbequina Olive Oil

    • The oil obtained is a fruity oil, with a mild aroma.
    • Reminds of vegetables flavors: grassy green, almond, walnuts and hints of green almond with balanced bitterness, pungency, sweetness and a short final astringency.
    • Ideal for desserts and garnishing different dishes without hiding the flavor of the dishes. The oil is best used fresh (not for frying). It is fresh oil that combines perfectly with vegetables, fresh or cooked, and grilled fish.

Pío del Ramo - Coupage Arbequina, Picual, Royal Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

    • This blend between different olive varieties creates an aroma and taste which faithfully recreate those of the olives from which they derive from, keeping whole all the nutrition and health attributes typical of this exceptional natural product, pillar of the Mediterranean diet.
    • This is a well-balanced olive oil, of medium intensity and flavor.
    • Ideal for creative cooking.