Pío del Ramo Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Organic product. 50 cl bottle (around 1 US pt)
Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Ecológico Pío del Ramo
Sales price: 6,00 €

Pío del Ramo Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is a limited production product from our own olive groves.

Pío del Ramo affords superior quality with an organic olive oil of optimum quality and exceptional traits.

In the process of making our oil, we use the arbequina, picual and royal varieties. Olives are gathered at about six to eight months, when the fruit has reached the optimum ripeness. After a thorough selection of our best olives, the juice is cold extracted, by exclusively mechanical means. Thanks to this process, we are able to keep all the fruit’s qualities and obtain a maximum quality oil.

Its aroma and taste faithfully recreate those of the olives from which they derive from, keeping whole all the nutrition and health atributes typical of this exceptional natural product, pillar of the Mediterranean diet.

A thorough control of all the chain of production guarantees the traceability, the food safety and the quality of Pío del Ramo Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, so that you can fully enjoy its virtues.

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